Need Subaru maintenance or repairs? We're at your service


As a Subaru owner in Massachusetts, you know your Subaru is capable of giving you a high level of reliability. In fact, for 2021, Consumer Reports gave both the Subaru Forester and the Subaru Crosstrek high reliability scores. Of course, for any vehicle to perform dependably, it's important to follow the factory-recommended maintenance guidelines and have your Subaru serviced regularly at Subaru of Wakefield. 

The starting point: Regular oil changes at Subaru of Wakefield

In many ways, your engine oil is the lifeblood of your Subaru, keeping your engine lubricated so it can keep running well. While today's more advanced motor oils may allow an owner to go a bit longer between oil changes, Subaru recommends changing your oil at least every 6,000 miles or 6 months. Ask a Subaru of Wakefield service manager about oil change intervals for your vehicle, based on how you drive around Wakefield or Danvers MA. 

What kind of motor oil should you use? In general, we recommend synthetic motor oil for most Subaru models because of its inherent advantages. Synthetic oils provide better lubrication and are less likely to break down as quickly, which helps your engine run better. In addition, synthetic oils are better able to withstand the challenges of higher heat. They also decrease wear and tear on your engine and help minimize oil loss caused by evaporation. 

Oil isn't the only fluid that needs to be changed

Since your Subaru is full of moving parts that can wear down over time, it's essential to change fluid levels to keep a fresh, clean supply for key components. For example, while transmission fluid doesn't have to be changed as often as engine oil, it's still a good idea to have it occasionally drained and refilled to flush out dirt, grime and tiny metal fragments. The same goes for brake fluid, power steering fluid, coolant and windshield wiper fluid.

Brakes and battery: Worth checking regularly

Your brakes are an important safety item and we'll be happy to keep an eye on them for you. We will typically do a basic brake inspection when you get your oil changed but feel free to ask that it be done. We can tell you when the brake pads need replacing early enough to avoid having to replace more expensive parts like the rotors. If you notice a squeaking noise or a shaking when you step on the brakes, we'll tell you if pads and rotors need replacement.

Battery wear-out can sneak up on you and if it does, you could end up stranded on some remote highway near Boston or Belmont MA. The fact is, corrosion can build up or your battery can just pass away from old age. Our free battery service is worth asking for. We'll clean the cables and terminals and make sure the battery is charging properly. If it needs replacing, we have some great ones in stock.

Genuine Subaru parts: Made for your Subaru

While it can be tempting to try generic parts to save a little money, the cost can be high in the long run. Generic parts aren't made for your Subaru and could cause problems later on. That's why, at Subaru of Wakefield, we use only factor-recommended parts that fit your Subaru perfectly and last longer. That includes a replacement clutch, belts, pumps, tires, even oil and air filters. It's one of the best automotive investments you can make.

See us soon for the kind of service your Subaru was born for

Our factory-trained technicians know your Subaru well, and they will make sure you get genuine Subaru parts to help raise your vehicle's life expectancy in North Reading MA or wherever you live. We can provide guidelines on recommended service intervals and help your Subaru keep you giving its best. Contact us online or give us a call to schedule service or maintenance done by the experts at Subaru of Wakefield in Wakefield, MA.